About the Kate Shea Foundation

This year will be the 11th Annual Bay Head 5K Memory Run.

We appreciate your support in helping bring the Bay Head community together to fight Leukemia and grow our next generations understanding of global cultures. For those of you who cannot participate in the run, you can make a donation by Clicking Here. We appreciate your generosity in supporting this great cause.

Kate Photo

Kate Shea passed away from Leukemia at a    young age of 25 years. The Bay Head 5K Memory Run was founded by loving friends and family of Kate Shea in order to give back to the community she called home most summers of her short but fulfilling life. Kate was an inspiration to us all in the way she lived her life in an accepting and open-minded way. The proceeds from the Bay Head 5K will go to The Kate Shea Foundation and to support the town of Bay Head.


Kate Shea Foundation was co-founded by Ed Vincent and Pat Tully.

CLICK HERE for a profile of current team and Board of Directors.

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